Photo booths with green screen technology!

All of our photo booths now come with green screen technology!

At fotoflips we now offer green screen technology in all of our photo booths allowing us to add any background to your pictures.

With the touch of a button you could be transported to anywhere in the world or universe. “It’s a magic booth!”  

Using green screen technology is loads of fun. You can either choose from the pre-set background images or supply us with a digital image of the background you want to display in your prints!

Whether your guests want to be pictured in a Christmas scene, with a celebrity, or to be transported to another time and place, using the green screen is super simple.

When your guests enter the booth they’ll be able to see their chosen background in the photo booth screen. Before the booth takes the picture, your guests will be able to interact with the background and strike a pose.

They’ll have so much fun and the opportunities are endless!

fotoflips greenscreen tech


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